Rakuten Fashion Week A/W 2021

Image courtesy of Fashion Press.


Seveskig’s 2021 A/W collection is all about yearning, and our collective desire to get back to nature, where all the wild things are. The show, taking place in the middle of nowhere, features models dressed in checkered patterns, denim, corduroys, Cowboy hats, fur, and leather. Seems pretty normal right? But then you see that the models are in life-sized doll boxes. And you realise that Seveskig’s saying something more important. Step out of Seveskig’s doll box and you can live free in no man’s land. At some point you’ll have to return to the city, you’ll always hold the wilderness with you—as long as you have Seveskig.


Image courtesy of Rakuten Fashion Week.


With grand music and screen-projected flowers, Adelly’s runway show at this year’s Rakuten Fashion Week was as fresh as daisies. The show was a spectacle of flowy skirts, dresses with sophisticated bow detailing, colour-blocking, and intricate floral prints. The runway looks utilised sheer fabrics that resembled bouquets.

Calling all fairy-core and cottage-core enthusiasts, Adelly’s latest A/W collection is the perfect for picnicking or frolicking in the gardens!


Image courtesy of Ka Wa Key.

Ka Wa Key

With “Through the Looking Glass”, London-based label Ka Wa Key traverses the line between reality and imagination. Their 2021 A/W collection takes inspiration from TV, music and fantastical fictional characters like the Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka, Peter Pan.

Ka Wa Key’s collection takes you on a journey—travelling across places they’ve been and people they’ve met on the way. Through mismatched colourful stripes and seemingly erratic combination of textures, Ka Wa Key’s collection proves that these dark times would have been much, much darker without creativity and art.


Written by Vania.

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