Taking inspiration from Numéro Tokyo’s Purikura-themed shoot, we decided to do our own! Purikura has always been a staple of kawaii culture—that wide-eyed, smooth-skinned, hyper-decorated look has always been a fun way to take pictures and express yourself. It’s a great way to capture the mood—and more importantly—outfit of the day. Sometimes a flashy outfit calls for a ton of stickers—and you can go as crazy as you want! Other outfits need a particular theme and you can always find a booth that caters to your needs. Want to pretend you’re a Barbie doll? There’s a booth for that. How about a Sailor Moon scout? Got you covered. We used Purikura to add another layer to our style—a little kawaii, tech flair!


Models: @lin_a_sarhan  @evil.buddha

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