I know what you’re thinking… what do psychics have to do with therapy? I got it right, didn’t I? How did I know?? Well, that’s not because I’m psychic…

The stigma surrounding mental health is still quite severe in Japan. Going to see a doctor shows others that you’re “sick” or that something is “wrong with you”. Well, in order to avoid public critique, many seek out the guidance of—you guessed it!—psychics. They’re everywhere. Not completely out in the open, but not hidden either. Their shops can be found if you look for the kanji 占 which means fortune telling. Tarot cards, palm readings, aura readings, and other forms of divination are used to help alleviate your concerns. Each area of Tokyo has their own resident psychic which they call the “Mother” or “Father.” The Harajuku Mother is actually next door to 6%DOKIDOKI!

Fortune telling is quite mainstream, so much so that there’s a festival dedicated to it. You can have your fortune told, watch live events, and play games that tell you your future! It’s quite a flashy event so be prepared to be in shock and awe. It can come across as another one of Japan’s eccentric variety shows. Check out the Uranai Festival!

What does your future hold?

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