A familiar face around, we asked Prince a few questions about their unique Decora style!


Why is 6%DOKIDOKI your favourite/one of your favourite brand(s)? 

6%DOKIDOKI holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first brands that inspired me to wear kawaii fashion! Their vision gave me the confidence to be my most genuine self, and without discovering DOKI I wouldn’t be who I am today. I think their style really encourages people to express themselves more freely.

Who/what inspires your fashion?

When it comes to fashion, I’m really inspired by other sources of creativity such as music or anime! After watching a really good series or listening to a song that I love, I find myself searching for a way to recreate the feelings that they gave me… and I’ll do that through my clothing! Fashion is incredible because you can literally wear whatever you want, and especially with street fashion it’s like the possibilities are endless. Some days when I wake up I think, “If I was an intergalactic alien prince, what would I look like?” and I just go from there! I guess mainly there’s this feeling of wanting to take all of the creativity and fantasy that lives within me and apply it to my real life.

Favourite anime?

I watch a lot of anime both new and old, but… somehow I’ve been absolutely sucked into the world of One Piece! There’s something really charming about the characters—their own individuality, how they believe in their friends, and how they’re constantly reaching towards their dreams. Watching One Piece has made me want to confidently go towards my dreams as well but has also taught me to let loose and have more fun.

What is your secret to achieving a great Decora look?

I think the secret to any outfit is just putting together something that you really love—something that feels sincerely you. Since Decora emphasizes decoration, I always say, “Decorate yourself with the things you love the most!”. Fashion truly is a physical representation of how you feel on the inside, so you can’t really go wrong with whatever direction you decide to take. I think because it’s such a unique and personal experience, there is a lot of room for exploration and growth. Personally, I’ve found my favorite looks through mixing and matching patterns or colours I wouldn’t normally put together, but that’s just a route that works best for me. I think my best advice would be to just push your personal boundaries once in a while because there’s nothing you have to lose! There is only room to discover.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of kawaii fashion?

As mentioned previously, I (unfortunately) watch a lot of anime (lol)! So I’m involved in a lot of hobbies related to anime such as figure collecting and making ita bags. I also recently have been getting more into arcade games and I’ve been spending a lot of my free time at Round-1. I think somehow though, all of my other hobbies end up relating back to kawaii fashion. The culture is so connected through fashion, art, music, media, and animation that I find myself searching for more content outside of just the clothing.

Any last words?

Wearing alternative fashion might seem a little scary or intimidating at first, but it’s honestly one of the most freeing experiences you can have! Once you let go and focus on only wearing clothes that make you happy, you’re able to embrace who you are and push forward.♡


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