Pretty Pastel Please

Nearly a quarter of a million haul videos were uploaded to the internet in 2010 according to Forbes1. Influencers post haul videos to update their audience on the latest trends, promote new products, and encourage viewers to try new things—and that’s exactly what YouTuber Pretty Pastel Please (a.k.a. Alex) is doing.

The Australian-born influencer began vlogging in 2008 with videos of make-up tutorials, and 9 years later Pretty Pastel Please was born! 596k subscribers on YouTube, 132k followers on Instagram, and 11.5k followers on Twitter—it goes without saying, Pretty Pastel Please has gained quite a following in the last few years!



Usually accompanied by pet parrot Archie, Alex’s content typically focuses on hauls, and fashion and make-up trends. But Alex is no one-trick pony! She does a great job of keeping her viewers hooked with a constant flow of unpredictable content. From shopping challenges for car accessories, to selling pastel candles for the Australian bushfire disaster, and a tutorial on making Jigglypuff hot chocolate—her content is versatile. And if you’re looking for travel advice, why don’t you take a look at her videos about Japan? Whether it’s going to the konbini or trawling through thrift stores, Alex’s got you covered.

When it comes to her style, Alex is inspired by Japanese and Korean street fashion. Although her look doesn’t fall into a “typical” Harajuku street style category like Lolita or Decora, Alex has a clear passion for kawaii fashion! She regularly incorporates ice cream tones, patterns, and cute cartoon characters like Hello Kitty and Purin into her wardrobe to put a fresh spin on the classic girl next door look. Think: tartan tennis skirt with pastel striped shirt and a colour-matched Fjallraven bag, belt, and scrunchie! Alex proves that you can enjoy kawaii fashion and be a part of the community without being a slave to the rules. Her aesthetic even translates to workwear. Don’t believe us? Check out this video!



Apart from her diverse YouTube playlist and playful style, Alex’s transparency about life as a content creator and the social media industry makes her all the more relatable. She never hesitates to share her opinions with her viewers, and thanks to her background in media and marketing she has established herself as a great resource for up-and-coming content creators. When it comes to business, Alex is very selective about who she collaborates with—only agreeing to sponsorship deals with brands she already knows and loves! Check out her in-depth 3-part series for an insider perspective on the influencer industry.

Pretty Pastel Please is definitely the multifaceted content creator that is destined for big things!



Written by Vania.
Images courtesy of @prettypastelplease via Instagram.

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  • 31/12/2021
    Lori Carter

    I think this is an overall great explanation of Alex (and how could we forget Archie, too!). She seems like a well rounded, very sweet young lady, she seems like she would be an absolute blast to hangout with lol.


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