Who are the Pixels? How did you choose the name?

Pixels is made up of Kelsey, Leila, and Renee. We can all be pretty strange and awkward by ourselves but together we can create something that brings fun and happiness to people—just like pixels in a game! We are very influenced by games, anime, K/J-Pop, so when we stumbled on this name it really did feel like a perfect fit.

Who/what inspires your music?

As well as the influences we already mentioned, we are also inspired by 80s and 90s pop. If it’s cheesy, we want it! We tried to cover Spice Girls once… it wasn’t great haha!



How would you describe your fashion styles? What are some of your favourite fashion styles?

Leila: My style changes all the time! I tend to dress for my mood so some days I’ll look super cute and preppy, but other days you might find me dressed all in black. I love mixing trends and clashing styles, colours, and patterns to come up with something a little different. Smock dresses are a must in my wardrobe, too!

Renee: My entire wardrobe is just filled with black clothing, and is just a mix-match of different styles haha, though I’m definitely trying to expand my colour palette to anything that isn’t black! I do love gothic Lolita, or just goth punk clothing in general but I also love oversized comfort clothes and cute-styled clothing. I feel like my aesthetic is all over the place haha.

Kelsey: My main style is very 80s and colourful, which is sometimes inspired by Harajuku fashion! But some days I like to mix it up with more vintage styles like 50s/60s! I also sometimes like being all in black too! I also wear fandom clothes too like Harry Potter jumpers and Stranger Things tops. Mainly how I feel that day!




What’s next for the group?

We really want to record more songs and videos, of course! It’s been a crazy few months with Kelsey being on a film set, Renee starting her 3rd year of uni, and Leila going on a pantomime tour so we’ve had to have some time away from the band. We’ve really missed each other so getting together again to have fun and be creative is exactly what we need!



What do you enjoy outside of music and fashion?

Leila: I really enjoy spooky things and mysteries. I’m forever spending my time watching YouTube videos of unsolved mysteries, ghosts, conspiracies, and other generally spooky stuff! I love the show Ghost Adventures—it’s a guilty pleasure!

Renee: Let’s Plays! I love gaming, I love playing Dungeons and Dragons and being Dungeon Master; watching Overwatch guides on YouTube as well! But most of all I love watching Let’s Players online like Game Grumps and Markiplier. Games have genuinely been a part of my life since I was young—having games like Bomberman on the N64, or Pokemon Yellow plays a big part in what I like to do in my free time.

Kelsey: I really love going to dance classes or going out on adventures! I love fun days out exploring somewhere new! I wish I could do it more! I also really like reading and catching up on films. At the moment, I’m catching up on all the classics like The Godfather’s, etc. as I didn’t actually watch many when I was younger!

Any last words?

A massive thank you to The Comm for having us, and to the fans who have supported us so far! We’re still a baby of a girl band so the response we’ve received for our Ponytail video and at our live performances have really been amazing. We’re overwhelmed with happiness and we’re itching to get more out for you, so watch this space!


L R K x


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