Neo Harajuku Girl

She’s kawaii. She’s pink. And no, she’s not Gwen Stefani’s back up dancer.

She’s a Neo Harajuku Girl!

We wanted to recreate that iconic image of the Harajuku Girl decked out in the most kawaii garments you have ever seen—all of them, all at once! The Neo Harajuku Girl does whatever she wants. She stomps around in her platform boots to the beat of her own (J-pop) playlist—it’s entirely Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, of course!—feeling herself and living her pink fantasy. Today, she is the queen of Urahara—and she wants everyone to know it!


Location: Harajuku
Model: @kurebayashiii
Photographer: @k_meine
Direction, BTS photography:
Assistance and filming: @sadieg @skullopus

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