Naruto x Libere: Ninja in the Street(wear)

Whether it was total style overhaul or experimenting with cosplay, lockdowns have given many of us a chance to try out looks that we may not have had the confidence to before. So, with many countries starting to open up again, we can now go outside but wearing jeans and T-shirts to meet your friends is really just plain boring!

Luckily Japanese streetwear brand Libere has come to the rescue by injecting a little fantasy and fun into our everyday clothing. Aspiring ninjas need look no further, your dreams of dressing like a Naruto character on the daily are here!



On 6 May, high-end Japanese streetwear brand Libere is launching “Libere for Naruto”, a capsule collection inspired by 6 popular characters from the series. This sport-meets-tactical collection features easy-to-style pieces in the signature colours and clan symbols of popular characters like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Itachi and Shikamaru. With trousers that double up as shorts and a variety of tops that can be layered, the collection is suitable for all seasons and genders.

Our favourite piece is the ninja neck shirt, a half-zip top that you can zip right up to your nose. Yes, yes you can look cool like Kakashi but just imagine the practicalities! You can eat on the sly, cover your face if you’re having an off day, protect yourself from other people’s bad breath—and let’s not forget the Pandemic. The possibilities really are endless.



Check out the whole collection on Libere’s website. It’s an exclusive collection so once it’s gone it’s gone. You need to be quick… just please don’t Naruto run.


Written by Emmie.
Images courtesy of Fashion Snap.

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