For some pink is not just a colour—it’s a feeling that transcends words and worlds. Meru projects a strong angelic image and through her vintage style and goddess-like grace, she offers us the pinkest and dopest of hopes.


Please introduce yourself!

Meru. Musubareru. Angel on Earth. Born September 8, 1994. I offer hope and love, not darkness and despair. I offer a dope hope. Love and peace may not be able to save the world, but it may perhaps save yours. I offer hope and love to those who are all alone. I cannot die until I have embraced you letting you know that you are not alone—I will live for love. Thank you for finding me.

What does pink mean for you?

It is spirit, heart, love, hope, and pillar.

Who is your style inspiration?

I’m inspired by whatever is in my head that day.

What do you love about Harajuku?

I love the punk and street vibes.

What are your future goals and dreams?

I want to become a beacon of hope for those who are alone in this world. I want to continue to spread my message of hope and love not with cliches or platitudes, but with noble spirit and goodness.

Top 5 pink fashion must-haves?

My must-have items are my Chanel Matelassé bag, Hello Kitty purse, Hello Kitty lighter, vintage headdress, and Swankiss platforms.

How pink do you feel today?

I’m always at a max.


Location: Shibuya
Model: @musubareru
Photographer: @misa_kusakabe
Direction, BTS photography:


Written by Choom, interview translated by Anna.

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