While many seek to spread the word of Harajuku fashion through promoting their style while working as shop staff or creating their own fashion brands, others have found different ways to inspire newcomers to this street style.

Meet Monaca! Monaca is a “Harajuku show team” consisting of many cute members. They aim to bring Harajuku culture to attention by combining colourful clothing together with lively acting and dance performances. They also have a YouTube channel where they show the best hangout spots, food and colourful fashion in Harajuku. If you aren’t able to go and see their performances, they often upload them to their Youtube channel so you can check them out there! Each member has their own unique individual style to make up this colourful collective, so make sure to check out each one!


Instagram: @monaca_harajuku

Twitter: @monaca_harajuku

Members: @wasabi8888 @miinii__kids @rimaririgram @ssshinako @emiry__21 @dtdq2828 @a___nn77 @kyanapompom @yrn_linapple @sm_xolll @1999_3.2 @bebarmom

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