Meet Miochin, a Japanese TikTok star with over 133k followers! Signature teal bob and translucent frames, Miochin’s looks frequently incorporate bright colours and funky prints. The mishmash of textures and patterns ooze vintage vibes with a slightly androgynous flair. Her make-up? Red lips and doll-like blush. She’s no stranger to experimentation, though—her make-up transformations are some of her most popular TikToks!

Miochin is a content creator who likes to dabble in a bit of everything. One minute she’s drawing, the next dancing, or performing a comedy skit. Whatever she does, she always takes her audience along with her. Her top TikToks include an artsy Animal Crossing Easter egg opening video smash cut to Japanese pop music, a “duet” reacting to Spiderman’s identity reveal, and lip-syncing at a theme park. What ties it all together is her relatability—she is funny, cute, and genuine.


While TikTok is Miochin’s main social media platform, she does have other creative and fun projects worth checking out. Her YouTube channel focuses on fashion and lifestyle hauls. While her personal instagram feed is full of cute selfies, her second instagram acts as an outlet for her art. Just like her personal style, it features bright, colourful, and kawaii works. Her art instagram is also home to crafty sculptures made from pipe-cleaners and pompoms. And if you find yourself in desperate need of a little bit of Miochin, her artwork is available to purchase as pins, keychains, stickers, and art prints!

If there’s one word to describe Miochin’s content, it’s “fun”! She’s not trying to outsmart Instagram’s algorithms, or chasing trends in order to become #instafamous. She’s just a girl sharing her love of fashion, make-up, art, and Animal Crossing!



Written by Cora.
Images courtesy of Asobi System.

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