Mimita’s Yume Kawaii Dream World

Mimita’s room is every pastel enthusiast’s fantasy—even if she’s defying Marie Kondo. Functionality, comfort, and aesthetics are essential when it comes to bedroom design, and Mimita’s checking off all three. Think: soft teddy bear plushies, strawberry ceiling lamp, and tiny ornaments of all shapes and sizes in all shades of pastels covering every single inch of her room. Step through the door and enter Mimita’s Yume Kawaii dream world.


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mimita. I love kawaii things even more than eating three meals a day, and I post pictures of my bedroom, my clothes, and cafe visits on Instagram. Everyone, myself included, knows that I’m a pink fanatic and kawaii is food for my soul.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is probably easier to understand if you look at the way I dress. It’s fanciful, fairytale-esque, and Yume Kawaii. I love sweet, pink, super cute, sparkly things, so that is reflected in the way I dress—and my bedroom is the same.

Who are you inspired by?

I don’t have a specific person. I collect clothes and knick-knacks that I like, and I look for clothes and interior pieces that I think are kawaii. And I have been able to develop this style as a result. However, I’m often inspired by the kawaii posts I see from people on Instagram.



Your bedroom looks amazing! Are there plushies and cute home decor in every part of your apartment?

Thank you very much! I’ve got a bit of everything in any and every corner. I somehow always end up filling any empty spaces with things. I probably have a phobia of empty spaces, lol.

A phobia of empty spaces? Do empty spaces feel uncomfortable?

I don’t think there’s any real reason. I didn’t have thoughts like “I absolutely do not want empty spaces!” or “I want to fill my room with kawaii things!” when I first started redecorating my room. I just gradually began to dislike empty spaces as I made my room more and more kawaii… lol. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it uncomfortable, I just want to fill my room with as many kawaii things as possible.

Is there a theme?

I’m not inspired by anything in particular, but a few years ago I began to feel like I wanted to make my room more kawaii, so I started making little changes here and there. Having said that, I do get some inspiration from other people’s kawaii rooms on Instagram. I don’t have a specific theme! I think that I would obsess about staying on theme if I did.



How did you get into collecting plushies? Where are your go-to places to buy plushies?

Honestly, I don’t own that many plushies. Actually, I’m in the middle of trying to figure out where to buy them because I want to fill my shelves and bed with them. I collect because I just like having things that are kawaii, and the more kawaii things I have in my room, the happier I feel. I don’t have a particular shop that I use.

When did you first realise that you liked collecting kawaii things?

It was when I was in primary school. But, I don’t really have anything that made me want to collect kawaii things. I’ve been going to fancy, knick-knack shops and buying elaborately decorated stationery for girls for as long as I can remember. The more I liked a piece of stationery, the less I would use it. I would be super careful with them, leaving them in pristine condition like when I bought them and using them as decoration in my room. It seems like my hobbies and personality haven’t changed much since I was in primary school.

Tell us about some of your most treasured items?

That’s a hard question to answer… I have way too many favourites. But if I have to pick, I would say that my most treasured item is my pink dresser. Furniture counts as an item, right? I bought it online. I’ve always dreamt of having a dresser, but the normal ones just don’t do it for me. I bought this kawaii, pink dresser because I fell in love with it at first sight.



What are some of the difficulties you have had building up your collection? Is the cost ever an issue?

There used to be a few chain shops that sold small, kawaii knick-knacks and accessories. But, finding kawaii pieces has become harder since the shops have closed down. I do care about cost—except when it’s something that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.

Do you feel like the way you have decorated your personal space is an extension of your personal style?

Yeah, they are connected. With regards to fashion, my room is pink on pink like my personal style and I like to wear clothes that are frilly and sparkly. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that my room and my personal style are directly connected.

What does your room mean to you?

It is my castle, created by me and for me. Other people don’t meddle with it and I’m able to fill it with the things I like and things that are kawaii without worrying about the prying eyes of others. It is a place that is full of sparkly, precious treasures and you can always feel the excitement of it. Wherever I look, I’m surrounded by things I love, so it is a space that heals and calms me.


Introduction and questions by Vania, interview translated by Anna.
Images courtesy of @mimita__44 via Instagram.

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