Meet Poppy, the Fashionista Using Kawaii Style to Explore Self-Love and Positive Vibes

Many of us dream about wearing whatever we want for work, but Poppy has made it come true! A former manager of Claire’s Accessories, Poppy describes her style as just like an 8 year old. Whether it’s wearing matching outfits with friends or supporting small kawaii brands, Poppy lives and breathes self-love and positivity. We caught up with Poppy to talk positive outlooks and making every day special.


Please introduce yourself.

Hiya, I’m Poppy. I am 31 from a small island called the Isle of Wight in the UK, where I live with my fiancé and our three cats Thom, Fred and Titch. I’m currently taking some time out to complete renovating my house into a rainbow dreamland, and explore more creative opportunities for work.

Your Instagram says that you have the fashion sense of an 8-year-old. Tell us more!

That’s something silly that my friends and family have said about me and I thought it was very fitting, haha! If it makes me smile then it’s going on, that’s the one and only rule I follow. I feel like life is so special why not make the absolute most of everyday, and to me
that’s in fashion. I just get so much joy out of being colourful, putting my all into everything I do and creating a life that feels magical!



The Simpsons seem to be a recurring theme in your co-ords!

Wearing pop culture like that is comforting, nostalgic and always starts a funny conversation between myself and friends. Care Bears is a huge part of my life, I have a ridiculously huge collection of merchandise, mainly limited edition clothing and accessories. I’m loving the fact they are having such a popular moment in the kawaii fashion community. I have been lucky enough to collaborate on projects with Irregular Choice (my absolute favourite brand and one of my biggest inspirations) and Snag Tights on their Care Bears projects! Both were absolute dreams come true!

The list of pop culture influences on my fashion and lifestyle could take up this whole article! But some more of my absolute favourites would be…My Little Pony (I have two shelving units in my hallway just for retro generations ponies, and on top of my kitchen cupboards). Hello Kitty and Sanrio. Pusheen, Daisy Duck, The Muppets, Polly Pocket, Barbie, Animal Crossing, Mr Men… Honestly, I could go on and on but mainly any nostalgic 80s/90s childhood favourites.

Who and what are your biggest fashion inspirations?

I have always drawn inspiration from the world around me to create my own style. From my teenage years I’d say Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry. Katy’s larger than life cartoon character persona helped me to take my first baby steps into the kawaii fashion community. I’d say now as an adult my biggest inspiration comes not from any individual but from everyone in the kawaii fashion community. From big influencers, to my amazing friends. I have such a mix and match approach to my style and strong sense of what I like. I don’t like to follow rules or think too much about it, I feel like I’m inspired by everything and anything!



How does your style help you in your day-to-day life?

People are sometimes surprised to learn that behind my instagram I’m actually very shy. Being true to myself and expressing the person that I am inside brings me a confidence I’d never had before.

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

This sounds really cheesy but my favourite thing about myself is that I’m a genuinely nice person. As much as I love fashion, make-up and style, true beauty is the person you are inside. I told you it was cheesy!!

You and your co-workers wore matching outfits when you worked at Claire’s Accessories. Were there any funny experiences?

SO MANY! When I became a manager Carly, my then co-worker and now best friend, was the first person I interviewed. Our favourite thing to do was to wear cute matching outfit days or dress to a certain theme.

The customers loved it and it created such a sense of atmosphere and fun in our shop. We had customers who would just come in to see what we were wearing that day. We got asked to pose for hundreds of pictures over the years. An advertising agent tried to sign us up to have our picture painted on the side of a building, that was probably the funniest?! Some even suggested that we become a double act called “The Dolly Sisters” haha. We became quite well known within our island community and to this day we are still called “The girls from Claires”!



Your social media is full of positive vibes and uplifting comments. Is there a specific message you are trying to convey?

My biggest message would be always follow your dreams, no matter how big or small, and be unapologetically yourself. Years ago I would never have dreamt that I’d be the person I am today. I have had a lot of personal troubles in my life but I have managed to create a life that feels magical to me. Just from making amazing friends, building confidence, expressing myself authentically, I have turned my life around. I still get sad, I deal with problems like everyone else, but I want to show people that whatever the situation things can and will get better, and everyone deserves to be the happiest, best version of themselves!

Can you tell us about your happiest moments you’ve had with kawaii fashion?

I’ve had so many, but I’d say the happiest moments have been with my friends, the fact I’ve made my closest friends through the kawaii community, big meet-ups in London with my pals, meeting new people through Instagram and building real life friendships. I love the feeling of community and all the incredible people I have in my life because of it.


Introductions and questions by Stefanie.
Images courtesy of Poppy.

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