Lisa 13 Releases a Solo Song

Lisa 13 is not only a fashionable Harajuku girl, she is also the songwriter and guitar player for all girl alternative metal band BAD BABY BOMB. Most recently she was given the opportunity to perform at the Tokyo Paralympics, and wowed the audience with her guitar skills! Due to COVID-19 it has been difficult for the band to get together to perform so Lisa 13 decided to branch out and write a solo song.

The song is meant to inspire people to work hard and reach for their dreams, particularly those with a disability. She was inspired by the strength of the Paralympic athletes and wants to support them through her creative efforts also.



Since COVID-19 is still preventing large-scale events, hopefully artists can interact with their fans via Youtube and other social media. Make sure to listen and support Lisa 13 and her band BAD BABY BOMB!


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Written by Choom
Images courtesy of Lisa 13


  • 08/03/2022

    She’s cute and plays well, but her singing is just… no.


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