Latex Artist Saeborg’s Back With Slaughterhouses and Pigpens

First of all, this show has nothing to do with animals! If you are going to attend any art event this year, make it Saeborg’s “Livestock” exhibition at the Parco Mall in Shibuya. After five years, the renowned latex and performance artist, Saeborg, is back in Tokyo with a solo, two-part animal farm-themed art installation that dazzles and disturbs.


Image courtesy of Parco.

Part One, Slaughterhouse, is all about doe-eyed farm animals shuffling around an inflatable field alongside a farm girl. Quaking in fear at having their meat and fur hacked away for human consumption, you might assume this is a tongue-in-cheek take on animal welfare. But if you look a little deeper, the dark truth shall be revealed. “Livestock” is not about animals at all…

Like much of Saeborg’s work, the installation is a commentary on gender and sexuality. The animal imagery is an analogy for society’s expectations of women.


Image courtesy of Elephant.

You can take a bit of a breather in Part Two: Pigpen. The self-explanatory installation displays rubber piglets nursing from a giant mama pig trapped in a cage. Lovely! If you are in desperate need of some respite from this cursed room, Saeborg in her signature pig costume frolicking around the exhibition space may do it for you.

Liberate yourself from the confines of the human form by trotting up to the 4th floor of the Shibuya Parco Mall. The exhibition will be held there between 4 – 20 June. It’s only 500 yen!


Written by Emmie.
Featured image courtesy of Parco.

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