LaFary is Bringing Jirai-kei and Ryōsangata-kei to Shibuya 109

Kawaii fashion and culture website LaFary, is running a Pop-up shop at Shibuya 109! LaFary is a lifestyle and fashion guide that gives advice on anything from how to pose for purikura to the cutest emojis, and haircuts and styles that will help you nail your look. Their latest pop-up is all about jirai-kei and ryōsangata-kei.

Jirai-kei and ryōsangata-kei (“Landmine style” and “Mass-produced style” resp.) are currently two of the most popular fashion tribes on the streets of Tokyo. These budget-friendly styles are associated with idol otaku culture and university students. And while they may share a school-girl uniform silhouette, there are a couple of key differences that set the looks apart. Ryōsangata-kei injects browns, tweet prints and romantic cuts into their outfits, while jirai-kei girls add dashes of red and rock touches to make it edgy. Think Bubbles and Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls!



The pop-up will feature LaFary’s usual array of frill-laden accessories and items from their exclusive Sanrio collab. There will be four satin totes with jirai-kei and ryōsangata-kei favourites like Kuromi, My Melody and Cinnamoroll. There will be elegant gold and silver Kuromi and My Melody rings up for grabs, as well as iPhone cases with cut-out windows for a polaroid of your favourite person—or idol!

Popular idol group Yakousei Amuse will be doing a meet-and-greet on the last two days of the event, and be sure to pick up some of the limited edition merch! The LaFary pop-up will be running from 21 July to 1 August on the third floor of Shibuya 109.


Written by Emmie.
Images courtesy of Lafary.

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