Kuua Oyasumi

This issue’s main focus stylistically is the fashion of Yami Kawaii. We thought it would be amazing to be able to talk to Kuua Oyasumi, who is internationally considered to be a social media icon of the style. We met in Osaka’s Amerikamura (literally “American Village”—a tiny corner of the States right here in Japan!) and wandered around looking for cute places to shoot, which was surprisingly difficult! Kuua’s fluffy heels and floaty dress certainly caught the attention of those around us. The heat was practically unbearable but it didn’t stop her from modelling perfectly for the photoshoot. We also discovered a fun fact about her: she used to work at a maid cafe, hence the professional polaroid doodle! She was also surprised we had seen the Refinery29 documentary she was featured in, as it was not as popular in Japan. It was such a pleasure to be able to meet her, so please check out our photoshoot and interview!


Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

I get creative inspiration from anime and the internet.

What is “Kawaii” to you?

I think “Kawaii” is something that gets you excited—makes you want to just sit there and stare at it.

Is dressing in Yami Kawaii/Yume Kawaii a conscious choice? Do you put a label to your style?

It’s not a conscious choice; I dress in the clothes that I like and then I notice afterwards that they have a name or genre.

What do you want to express with your style choices?

I’m not really thinking of anything.

What do you want to be known for: fashion or art?

I’d like to be known for my art.

Have you heard about the “Menhera movement”? If so, what do you think of it?

I get comments, on Instagram, from people overseas. They talk about having recovered from their mental problems because of Menhera and Yami Kawaii fashion.

What’s the last piece of culture (book, album, film) that you enjoyed and why?

A boys’ love manga called “Escape Journey”. Boys’ love manga is a romantic genre of manga where women are observers, so I can read without getting too emotional.

What are your future dreams or goals?

I want to chill out and draw pictures.

Tokyo or Osaka?


Any last words?

Thank you for the wonderful interview and photoshoot!



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