Have you heard of the Takenoko-zoku?

At the height of its popularity in the mid-80s, a large group of people would gather on Harajuku’s pedestrian mall and dance to music blasting out of a stereo. Their outfits were on the borderline of fashion and costume, all sporting big hair and bright, flashy colours. Since the closure of the pedestrian area in the 90s, the Takenoko-zoku were no longer seen around Harajuku. However sometimes, original participants of the Takenoko-zoku will hold events in Shinjuku to relive the fun of the 80s!


Click here to view a video of the original Takenoko-zoku and Takenoko-zoku event!



Recently, a group called KEKENOKO want to modernise and bring back the Takenoko-zoku tradition. They dance on the streets of Harajuku every month in an effort to reintroduce the culture that was part of the reason why Harajuku become known as a spot for youth culture.

Maybe they will start a Takenoko-zoku revolution! Click here to view a video of KEKENOKO! 





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