Social media is a bit of a mystery right now. The Instagram algorithm means our followers don’t see our posts, Facebook restricts our post reach, and does anyone even still use Snapchat?

Luckily, we managed to interview social media expert Jon Brence (aka KawaiiGuyLA), who can help us figure out how to start using social media more effectively. Not only does he create content, he also manages other content creators in order to help them reach their audiences. Read more for advice and insight into his future projects!


What is “megaphoning” on social media?

Social media is undeniably misguided when it comes to comparing how it’s marketed vs. how it is constructed. If you look at your social media feed, a majority of the posts are focused on self (either a “me” statement or self-thought or reflection). That would be classified as “megaphoning”, or effectively shouting from the platform with no intention of actual conversation. Its purpose is either for inciting or reflecting an emotion. There’s nothing social about “megaphoning” other than people are forced to listen to it or see it on a feed. If you look at YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook—it’s just millions of people megaphoning their own experiences with very little intention to actually talk.

Do you think businesses can succeed with limited-to-no use of social media?

Absolutely. The concept that you need social media to sell a product is misleading. Think of how many brand accounts you follow on any given social media—my gut is that it is a handful, and typically for the purpose of inspiration, allegiance, or new product highlights. All businesses should have presence via the internet (via website or online retailer) since most business is moving to digital/shipping base, but it doesn’t mean your business has to have a “following”. Facebook is built on advertiser dollars—of course they’ll convince you that you need to use Facebook so they can take your marketing spend. You just have to ask yourself—who are you trying to reach and where do they function day-to-day? Just like an artist, you don’t need to use every medium in order to be successful.

A few words of advice to anyone wanting to boost their brand’s popularity?

Focus heavily on your “Why” statement (article I wrote about it here). Once you have a clear, concise grasp of who you are and why you create, you will begin to notice that the following will grow faster. People need to understand what a person or brand stands for. In this current era, aligning with a cause is the fastest way to grow.

What are your goals for the future? Do you have a dream project you would want to work on?

I always stem from the belief of just wanting the world to “suck less”—adopted from one of my colleagues, Alexis Ohanian. I love working on projects that educate or entertain, but I have two projects I am currently focused heavily on:

  1.   Twitch Production Team/Group — bringing like-minded broadcasters together
  2. A Collective Outlet that only focuses on good news — tired of tuning in and seeing all that is wrong in the world. This outlet only serves positive pieces.

Retro games or modern games?

Retro aesthetic wins due to the limitations.

Tokyo or LA?

Tokyo. Efficient mass transit, better community purpose, and honestly lower in cost. I also am a fan of rain having grown up on the East Coast.

Any last words?

Don’t chase trends. Create them.


Photo credit: Twitter @kawaiiguyla

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