Kawaii Up Your Life with Sebastian Masuda

Every day should be filled with kawaii things! Most of us have been spending a lot of time at home recently, so there are fewer ways to get your daily dose of kawaii. Luckily, the Godfather of Kawaii, Sebastian Masuda, has created an amazing collaboration with Felissimo so that you can work (and play!) in style. Introducing Kawaii Company!

The concept? “A simple life is good and all, but I love kawaii things!” With these goods you can transform your everyday life in an instant by spicing it up with a bit of kawaii.



The collection includes pouches, eco bags, insoles, handkerchiefs and masks. Each item showcases Sebastian’s signature vivid prints and are available in three different colourways: berry, soda and lime. Felissimo have also got you covered when it comes to practicality. The masks are all made of a double gauze, and the mask cover is anti-bacterial. There are also a couple of foods (bread, Japanese crackers etc.) that you can buy! They come in colourful tins to keep the food fresh making them edible and cute!



Without a doubt the standout item is the “Roomy Monster” outfit. It’s ultra comfy, cute roomwear and perfect for surprising your colleagues at a Zoom meeting. There are no clothing regulations when working from home, right? The “Roomy Monster” outfit and pouch are based on creatures dreamt of by Sebastian as a child. And now, they’ve come to life!

You can check out the full list of items on Felissimo’s website and even pre-order if you’re feeling flush. They’re due to be shipped out in January 2021—perfect timing for winter!

So will you be a Roomy Monster in your next online meeting?


Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Moshi Moshi Japan.

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