Kawaii Monster Cafe

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Ever wanted to eat cute food, take in cute decor and enjoy cute performances—all at the same time? Then the Kawaii Monster Cafe is perfect for you!

You may have already seen videos of this magical place floating around the internet but we have some extra tips on how best to enjoy your Monster adventure!

There are four areas for you to enjoy: Mushroom Disco, Milk Stand, Bar Experiment and Mel-Tea Room. There is also one very special and super secret VIP room—so if you accumulate enough points on your Monster card you might be able to enter!


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You might see some interesting characters walking around the cafe. These are the Monster Girls and Friends! There is Monster Girl Nasty, Baby, Dolly, Candy and Crazy, and also Monster Friends ene and KANATA. Every hour or so there will be a Monster performance on the Sweet Go Round Carousel located right in the middle of the cafe, so make sure to get up out of your seat to take a look! If you’re lucky you will be chosen to dance on the Carousel with them. They will usually pick the most enthusiastic and cutest person in the audience so give them a wave and dress up and it’s sure to be you! Don’t worry if you’re not though—you still have a chance to get on the Carousel to take pictures with the Monster Girls and Friends!


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If you’re super lucky you may get a visit from the cafe’s mascot Choppy, a giant, furry, purple creature, who will perform a short dance with the Monster Girls and Friends before coming to visit you at your table. Some evenings the Pink Fat Cat mascot will make an appearance too! Which one do you want to meet?

As for the food, the lunch and dinner menus are quite varied. If you’re looking for something smaller and more choice, then the lunch time menu is a better option. The main highlight of the dinner menu is a gigantic meat platter. Depending on what time of year there might be an exclusive seasonal menu. But no matter what time of year or day, the food is always exciting to eat and look at! Ever wanted a koala shaped burger? Or rainbow pasta? This cafe has you covered!

Want a special souvenir from the cafe? Aside from the official merchandise which includes keyrings, t-shirts and pens, you can ask any of the Monster Girls or Friends for their special signature! Each one has a unique card with their own signature and they will also give you their Twitter or Instagram account for you to follow them online!


photo credit: voyagin

The Monster Cafe is also hosts themed events in the evenings. Depending on which day of the week, you can see traditional Japanese dance on Oiran night, Burlesque (20+ adults only please!), Japanese Pop Culture, and more! Be sure to check out the website to see which events will be on during your visit and to book a seat before you arrive as it’s quite a popular destination.

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