KATE Tokyo’s Make-up Vending Machine

Japan is famous for a few things like fashion, anime, technology, and of course convenience! Even if you’re out and about at 3am you can always be sure to find a convenient spot to eat, drink and even sleep. Now, with make-up brand KATE Tokyo’s new vending machine, you can also do your make-up in a pinch!

The KATE iCON BOX is not like any vending machine you’ve seen before. Using AI tech, it analyses your face and then recommends four eye shadow colours that suit your skin tone and features. You can also customise the palette to include your favourite colours or personalise with your name. After you finalise your selection, the KATE iCON BOX will create your palette which you can pick up right away!



Kate Tokyo’s vending machine can be found in Matsumoto Kiyoshi Matsukiyo LAB in Sagamiono Station Square. You’ll have to go on a bit of a hunt to find it, but it’s well worth the effort! The KATE iCON BOX is a limited edition vending machine, so get there quickly if you want to check it out!

What do you think of the way make-up brands are adapting to the new normal?


Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of PR Times.

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