Join Haruka Kurebayashi’s Happy Class!

The recent closures of many shops in Harajuku have brought about a feeling of despair among those in the street fashion community. The future of Tokyo’s fashion haven was looking a bit bleak. But Harajuku fashion superstar Haruka Kurebayashi is looking to revitalise Harajuku and Takeshita Dori with this latest project.

Haruka Kurebayashi has been on the Harajuku fashion scene for a while, as a model, artist and decora fashion icon. The former KERA model promotes kawaii culture and fashion on her social media channels and posts the cutest outfit shots too!



Her latest venture is as the producer for a new shop on Takeshita Street called SUGARHIGH! Happy Class, a collaboration between Nigai Corporation and CANDY A GO GO. The result? A kawaii classroom filled to the brim with hyper coloured goodies everywhere you look! Wall to wall, the store is chockablock with cute things to buy. Visitors are invited to hand make their own accessories and try their luck at one of the Happy Socks dispensing gacha machines. There are even dedicated photo spots for you to take your own picture.



The interior of SUGARHIGH! Happy Class was a team effort between Kurebayashi and other kawaii artists and creators. Kurebayashi was kind enough to even invite the Editor in Chief of The COMM (aka me!) to join in decorating the space. The intention was to create a global atmosphere that captures the spirit of Harajuku. Each artist put their own individual stamp on the walls (literally!) which really shows the collaborative effort that was made to create the unique space.

The store is open on weekdays 11:00 to 19:00 and 10:00 on weekends on holidays. If you think it’s cute now, wait till next year. Kurebayashi and co are planning bigger and better things for 2022. We can’t wait!


Written by Choom.

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