Japan Touch: Yuri

Please introduce yourself.

I’m Vampire Yuri, I’m a fashion blogger and influencer with a focus on Japanese street fashion.

What inspires you about Japanese street fashion?

The mixture of styles: kawaii with goth or even decora. The same people can go from one style to another from one day to the next—it’s very creative.

Do you dress like that everyday or is it just for Instagram?

No, I dress like that everyday. I go to uni in my wigs, accessories, and Japanese dresses. I don’t really think about it, it’s just who I am and how I express myself. I don’t feel comfortable when I dress like a “normal” person.



Have you ever gotten into trouble at work or university? Have you ever been criticised for the way you look?

Work is complicated, especially here in France. It’s not really a problem at uni because I’m studying Japanese and the teachers like it most of the time. I get compliments on the street. Here [in France], there’s a lot of criticism. It’s nothing like when we go to Japan or the US where people worship it, but I also get compliments and get asked for pictures.

Where do you get inspiration for your style?

I get some inspiration from the Internet. When I was younger I had Japanese magazines like Gothic Lolita Bible and Fruits. I often look at websites like Tokyo Fashion because it has up-to-date street fashion styles in Tokyo. Other than that, I buy clothes that I like and that’s it.



Do you have any advice for those who aren’t enjoying their style to the fullest?

You have to give it a go. Don’t think about what other people say because it doesn’t matter what you wear, there’ll always be someone who doesn’t like you or says something bad about you. Just be yourself and don’t worry about others, instead of feeling insecure.

Any last words?

Follow me on Instagram at @vampire.yuri. I’m also on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter.



Questions by Angelina, translated by Lucie.
Images courtesy of @vampire.yuri via Instagram.

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