Izzy, known also as SHINING ♥ DAY, takes her fashion inspiration from her daily life—but not in a way you would expect! As a musician/DJ, she channels her style into a feeling you can vibe to. When searching for inspiration she takes it from the past and reimagines it for her current mood. Her look is soft but her aesthetic is strong! Let’s meet Izzy!


Who/what inspires your fashion?

I try to usually base the clothes I wear on the concept of a feeling, rather than executing and presenting a certain style of fashion. I feel like pieces of clothing can just give you different atmospheres almost, and I love seeing the atmospheres and feelings come to life via clothing. I wear a lot of pastel items, but I feel like I wear those sorts of items not because I love pastels, but rather the feeling and energy that I get from them is what I cherish… sleeping and sort of—that fuzzy daze-like dreaminess that you get from waking up is pretty important to me, so I feel like I wear a lot of clothes that remind me of that.

What is the key to your coordinates?

I don’t really have a specific key! I think wearing things that make you feel otherworldly and ultra-happy is what is most important.

How has your style changed over time?

I used to be inspired by Japanese street fashion around 2014, taking inspiration from people like Hirari Ikeda and Eva Cheung. I think now I’m usually inspired by anything that gives me that daze-like but heart-pounding feeling, and that could be anything! I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the Popples (a late 1980s toy franchise) and other old toys, their textured features feel so special! There’s a lot of other things… video games, certain smells and textures. I think my style will always be changing as there’s so many different thoughts and feelings I get with different inspiration.

Tell us a bit about the music you create.

Like fashion, the music I make is usually based around the feeling of total fulfilment, almost like a state of euphoria. With the first track I released, TOTALLY D♡C , I wanted to explore the mixed feelings of this euphoria with ultra-happiness, dubbing it as feeling totally “Dreamy Creamy”. I wanted to explore this through sort of, a dreamy phantasmagorical world with hyperactive but longing melodies and syrupy pitched-up vocals. I hope that in the future I’ll be able to explore many other feelings combined with different topics through a combination of different sounds and styles/genres. I’m beginning to gather up inspiration and starting to work on a new track and I’m super excited!!

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of kawaii fashion?

I love to play rhythm games like Pump It Up and Dance Dance Revolution!

Any last words?

“Keep blooming! Because flowers are really great!”




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