Internet Cafes

Have you ever missed the last train and had to figure out a way to get home in the middle of the night? Or even just stayed out all night because there was no way home? Has your phone ever died on you and you couldn’t find a place to charge it? Have you ever had a long day and just wanted to take a nap? Have you ever just wanted to chill out for a few hours on your own, read, or play a few games?

All of the above can be solved by a trip to one of Japan’s many manga cafés!

Manga cafés offer you a place to rest, recharge both yourself and your phone, and read manga. You get your own private booth with a computer, and maybe a gaming console and TV. You’ll also have your own shelf of manga, a place to buy cheap food and unlimited free drinks! If you’ve missed the last train home, you can sleep overnight and shower in the morning! Request a bed or reclining chair for the night and you’re good to go! Manga cafés are a cheaper alternative to having to resort to sleeping in a love hotel overnight. Manga cafés are easily found, especially near train stations, so you’ll never have to wander the streets at night or pay extra to sleep in a karaoke booth.

Even if you’re just looking for a time-out during the day, manga cafés are always a good option!

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