International Gyaru Meet-up

As usual, the gyaru were late to their own party.

Could you really blame us, though? It takes time to look good and we took all of the time in the world as we prepared for the international gyaru meet. It was well worth the wait—our makeup lasted all day and the fun we had was unlimited.

It wasn’t the first time that we had an international meet-up; one is organised every year, and this time it was in the city of love, Paris, hosted by Gyaransu Gal Unit (a gyaru unit based in France). It was an absolutely perfect day, and we spent most of it at a venue that Gyaransu rented out in the centre of Paris taking lots of selfies, meeting old friends and new, and doing a Para Para workshop (which we later performed right in front of the Eiffel Tower)! I was surprised that none of our makeup melted away from the heat because boy, it was hot.

The thing about having online relationships and being involved in a fashion that is mostly online-based is that we don’t really get the chance to meet up, so when a gathering like this comes along we leap at the chance. There were gyaru and gyaruos (the male equivalent) from all over—France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, England, and even Israel! It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so many gyaru and to finally meet everyone in person. Sure, us gyaru can be shy at first, but once we got to know each other we chatted/partied/Para Para’d as if there was no tomorrow!


Report by Lizzie Bee @hellolizziebee

Image courtesy of @hellolizziebee

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