Immersive Fortune Telling by NAKED

This summer head to Shibuya Hikarie for the latest interactive exhibition by NAKED, Inc, NAKED URANAI. Art and astrology meet AI in this event produced in collaboration with artists and fortune tellers so it’s sure to be a unique experience you don’t want to miss!

Make sure to register with your name, date of birth etc. on the official NAKED website before attending the exhibition. You will get a personalised NAKED URANAI page which will interact with the exhibition and give you instant fortune telling readings. You will also receive an in-depth analysis of your readings by professional fortune teller Akari Maki once you’ve completed all of the interactive events.



The exhibition is split into a few parts: Horoscope, Tarot, Dreamin’ Lucy, Numerology Therapy, Kaleido Jellyfish, Clean Jungle. Each part guides you through a different aspect of fortune telling. Pretend to be a tarot reader for a day in the Tarot room. You can shuffle the cards by waving your hands in the air! Dreamin’ Lucy takes you on a deep dive of your dreams, and Numerology Therapy will give you a guided message based on your birthday. And you can’t have a Japanese fortune telling experience without omikuji, a fortune you usually receive at shrines. Pick up a hanamikuji (flower fortune) as a souvenir from the exhibition.

Tickets for this event are available to buy online now. The exhibition will run until 27 August so make sure to visit. Are you going? Of course you are, it’s on the cards for you…



Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Hanako Tokyo.

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