Imma’s Virtual World

You’ve seen her on Instagram, now you can see her in real life! Sort of. Diesel Art Gallery is holding an exhibition in the heart of Shibuya for one of Japan’s up-and-coming models, Immagram aka Imma. With fashion campaigns, magazines and interviews under her wing, Imma has always stood out from the crowd because she’s completely digital!

Alongside Imma will be 13 artists including Amazing Jiro, Yoshirotten and Yuni Yoshida to name but a few. All artists were commissioned to create new artwork with “Imma Heaven” as the theme. From painting to photography, the exhibition introduces a one-of-a-kind virtual fantasy, blurring the line between the real and the fake which the internet and digital art is almost always doing.



Imma’s hyper-realistic face is so convincing that most don’t realise she isn’t real when they first see her! The exhibition asks visitors to reconsider what is real and what is fake in an information-rich and sometimes virtual world. It’s kind of like the Matrix—but more kawaii.

The exhibition will run from 22 May to 2 September at Diesel Art Gallery in Shibuya. With T-shirts, posters and postcards available to purchase at the venue, you can buy your very own slice of Imma heaven. Can’t make it? No problem! The virtual gets even more virtual as there will be a virtual tour available online in late May. Did we say it’s all virtual?



Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Fashion Snap.

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