Ikumi S/S 2020 Tokyo Collection

Upon entering Space Odd, the location for Ikumi’s S/S 2020 Tokyo Collection, there was little to no idea of what to expect. The only clue was a flyer with a photo of two demonic-looking girls and the collection theme of “Ghosts” written in Japanese. On second thought, however, that should have been a clear indication of what was to come.

The walk to the event space was through a maze of school lockers lit by UV light. Inside some of the lockers were stuffed animals, mutilated dolls hung from the ceiling, and on the way to the basement you could hear the cries of a child. The whole scene was eerie and perfectly set the tone for the show.

Opening with an ethereal performance by KOM_I the models walked down the runway slowly as if possessed by ghosts. The collection was divided into all-black pieces and all-white pieces, the same garments repeated in both colours. The clothing, like the models, were pierced with rings and accented with silver. Skeleton prints and long, slip gowns were key motifs in this collection. Despite the creepiness of the show, this was by no means a Halloween gimmick. The looks were wearable and easy to style for those looking to add a gothier edge to their wardrobe.




Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Ikumi.

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