HyperJapan is a biannual Japanese culture festival in London, UK, which focuses on kawaii and alternative fashion and culture—opposed to comic conventions where the focus is largely on anime, manga, and cosplay.

Over the three-day extravaganza you can experience live music events, sake tasting, gaming, and most importantly watch—or even take part in—the fashion show. Apart from watching performances on the various stages, there are many booths situated around the event space; some selling cute fashion, some showcasing traditional artwork and clothing, and of course, food!

There are always special guests at the event from Japan. Previous guests include Harajuku icon and KERA model Haruka Kurebayashi and pop mannequin duo FEMM. Every year the event gets bigger and more guests are announced!


Be sure to check out the event here:

We also took a few snaps of some of the attendees of the event, so be sure to check those out too!


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