Hyper Japan 2018


Caspian @caspianokazaki


Eden @saltymadloli


Elle @celestellea


Left: Steph @likeateacup | Right: Emily @emily.ichigo


Eva @neko_neko_mei


Heidi @netflix_and_tea


Hoshi @hikidreams


Izzi @vomit_boi


Jadeane @jadeanef


Jasmine @spookyxsweets


Jude @yung_bish0p


Krishna @krishneide


Leo @milk.goblin


Lizzy @silverdawnarrow


Louise @x_daydreamtiffany_x


Madeleine @madeleinecreative


May @spirithugger




Puvithel @puvithel


Rose @rosemaryonette


Shion @bonbonshion


Images courtesy of Sarah Young.
Featured image model: Anissa @anissaserichan

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