High School: Seifuku

Seifuku, in Japanese street fashion, is a symbol of pop culture, kawaii culture, and Japanese youth. The first known iteration of the Japanese school uniform came in the form of western-style naval uniforms or seifuku. While modern schools may have moved onto blazers and blouses, nostalgia for the seifuku has endured! Over the years, uniforms have been accessorised with colourful ribbons, loose socks, enamel pin bags, and more, taking this fashion trend from work to leisure. Listen Flavor is a Japanese street fashion brand that has re-imagined the seifuku into two iconic styles: Yami Kawaii and Yume Kawaii. Check out their shop staff dressed head-to-toe in seifuku-inspired looks at their flagship store in Harajuku in the gallery above!


Location: @listenflavor_harajuku
Models: Kayou and Chiho

Written by Cora.

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