High School: Gyaru

When one thinks of Gyaru style, they imagine young Japanese girls decked out in big hair, bold makeup, and sexy clothes. At school, this look definitely goes against the dress code with most students being made to dye their hair black, wear no makeup, and dress modestly. But even in the uniform-loving country of Japan, these girls have found a way to express themselves!

Enter Kogal: a subgenre of Gyaru characterised by the iconic hair and makeup of the style but worn with one’s school uniform. With their skirt hems raised, socks sagging around their ankles, and bags adorned with charms, they strut through the classroom halls. Scroll through the gallery above to see Gyaru idol Ao-chan sneaking away from school—in style!


Location: Shibuya
Model: @aochanp
Shoot Direction:
Assistance: @anna.boat.prem

Written by Cora.

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