Hi, my name is…

Yulia Kachan!

What does the fashion community mean to you?

First of all, for me, the community means being understood, supported and inspired. Especially in a period of uncertainty like this.



Tell us about your brand!

Building is a brand dedicated to zero waste through the exclusive use of deadstock materials. Right now it is only being used for accessories, but in the future I’d like to create other types of garments. I’ve always wanted to make my own brand, but the idea of the current fashion world has always scared me. It is well known that the fashion industry has long cast a dark shadow on the well-being of our environment. Zero waste fashion is a clever approach to patternmaking: nothing is lost, all is used! Like solving a Rubik’s cube, the design process is a puzzle that results in new conceptualizations of textile products, ones in which the physical form and existence of the leftover material leads the creative process.

Any last words?

Grabbing opportunities and making the most of them is part of working hard. And it’s the real face of luck.



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Images courtesy of Yulia Kachan.

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