Hi, my name is…

Shouta Tanaka!

What does street fashion mean to you?

It is a freeing and intimate form of self-expression. For example, I think about a given look based on a number of factors: my feelings on the day, the fashion from a movie I watched the day before, or the vibe of the place I’m going to. Taking the time to think about a look is also fun. And I’m happy just walking around knowing that the look I’ve put together for that day is on point. It reflects my influences, my impression of a place, my favourite brands and the way I feel on the day. That’s what street fashion means to me.


Image courtesy of Paris Fashion Week.


Tell us about your modelling career.

I began modelling for a vintage clothing store in 2016. A fashion designer saw me on the shop’s social media and contacted me about modelling for his brand’s fashion show. I received requests to model from people I met at the show and people who saw me in the show pictures, and I’ve been able to work as a model ever since.

I walked for a brand called Kidill at Paris Fashion Week S/S 2020. I’m not very tall so I haven’t done much runway work, but I’m so happy that sticking with modelling has given me the opportunity to walk in a show during fashion week.

Any last words?

Making time, on your day off or on the day before your day off, to think about the clothes you’ll wear to go out makes [life] more fun and lifts your spirits. So, maybe people who aren’t really concerned about what they wear should think about giving it a go.


Image courtesy of @yothue_ via Instagram.

Image courtesy of Hizumi.

Image courtesy of Shouta Tanaka.



Translated by Anna.
Featured image courtesy of @scotthorsebra via Instagram.

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