Hi, my name is…

Santi Storm, an international drag performer!

What does kawaii fashion mean to you?

Kawaii fashion is everything to me because it’s a way to change my mood. When I put on a kawaii outfit, I automatically feel happier! It’s also a way for me to totally transform my look and become the adorable cutie that I want to be in that moment! Whether it’s being in drag and sticking on pink gems and doll lashes or as a boy and wearing anime boy sweaters and painting blush on my cheeks, it’s a great way for me to transform my look into who I want to be that day!



Tell us about your new music video!

I wanted to have my music video that was candyland-themed but also have this crazy, cute cheerleader vibe to it. I wanted everything to look pink and edible, and also show me and the dancers skills. I really wanted my music video to have a GIRL POWER feel to it because messages like that are really important to me. I had all female dancers and a female director working on the music video. I used to have huge muscle men as my back dancers for club shows, but this time I was like “No, I feel like I want this to have a female energy to it. I want more girls!” I guess because I’ve only ever really been inspired by women growing up it just made sense to me. I also had Gothy Ken Doll from Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 1 in one of the scenes because she truly is like the perfect barbie doll and one of my closest friends. I had to have her in it! It comes out on 6 March!

Any last words?

Stream my single “Kawaii World”! I promise you’ll love it!



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Images courtesy of Aimee Mcghee and Aiden Azurei Reyes.

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