Hi, my name is…

Saki Takenouchi and
I’m studying knitwear design at Bunka.

What does fashion mean to you?

To me, fashion is like combat gear. I’m a student right now, but the moment I step out of my house in the morning, I go into battle mode. I become a creator. I choose clothes based on how I feel on the day. It makes me burn with passion, and that lets me go all out without any regrets. Clothes are a given, but accessories, hair, hair colour, and make-up are also a part of fashion for me. It is like a tool that can be used to paint me. So, I only choose the best when buying fashion, and I’m very deliberate and selective about it. That’s why each piece is full of meaning for me. When I see something special put together, when I catch its reflection in a mirror or glass, I get such a high (laughs).


Please tell us about hand knitting.

Hand knitting is a living testament to the maker, and each piece is like a child. The more time you spend on it, the closer you get to finishing—it is made one stitch at a time. Knitting by hand is interesting because, depending on how you feel on the day, there can be variations in size of the stitch even when you put the same amount of effort in. So, it’s normal for there to be a difference between the beginning of a piece of knitwear and the end of a piece of knitwear that has been made by a beginner. But, I think that adds to the charm. Computer knitting has progressed quite a bit in recent years, so demand for handmade knitwear has gone down. It’s for that very reason that I want to continue making pieces that show people the beauty of handmade knitwear.

Any last words?

I have had a brand in which I make pieces by hand since January, and I’m launching a handmade knitwear brand called Hyoga with a friend who is in the same department as me at Bunka on 1 November. Please check it out!


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Translated by Anna.
Images courtesy of Saki Takenouchi.

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