Hi, my name is…

Rain, I create aesthetic photo edits and collages!

What is #vaporkawaii?

#vaporkawaii started as a combination of my love for Harajuku fashion and Vaporwave. When I first created this tag a few years ago, I was still pretty submerged in styles like Lolita, Fairy-kei, and rave wear. I still really enjoy different fashion styles, but I’ve become a lot more casual with it. I always felt that my clothes didn’t look right in the “real world,” so I got into collages and Vaporwave as a way to make my own world.



Tell us about your photo editing process and inspiration!

My inspiration comes from all over honestly! Lol, just seeing an ice cream can make me want to create something. However, different poses, cropped photos, themes people have chosen, and different fashion styles can be really inspiring as well. Those things can really push my creativity. As for the process, some of the things I mentioned above are taken into consideration and I also try to take a lot of my own photos for my collages. I need to make sure that I have a diverse array of “transparents” or a really creative way to put them together to keep things looking fresh.

Any last words?

While I’ve made a lot of edits of myself, I would love to make more for other people!


Images courtesy of Rain Jelly.

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