Hi, my name is…

PAiDA, Space City’s EXTRA-terrestrial songstress!

What does kawaii fashion mean to you?

Kawaii fashion goes beyond simply wearing cute clothing to me. It means not being afraid to let yourself shine, and uprooting society’s expectations of the individual. Simply doing what makes you happy and spreading that positive energy with the world is all you need! In that sense it also means being your own trend, growing your creativity so that it compliments the world around you, rather than competing with it. Through my sound and style, I wish to express my love for the planet and how crucial it is that we take care of it, so I’m happy to have access to sustainable kawaii fashion!



Tell us about your new song!

My new song is called Future☆★Town! It imagines a cute day-date in a tech-savvy 8-bit future! You get to hear what kind of day and nightlife we might experience in the future, with lyrics that are cute and fluffy to match the dream-like energy of the music. The music video combines a retro-futuristic aesthetic, topped off with a magical girl transformation! It’s an intensely kawaii song that you could easily envision as an anime opening! Thanks so much to the producer SKYNOK and my friend Jorge4thletter for bringing this fantastical idea to life with me! You can watch the music video on YouTube, and the song is available now on Bandcamp and streaming on all platforms!



Any last words?

Thank you so much for taking the time to check me out! I want to continue making crazy music that makes people dance while they think about the future! It’s my dream to sing the theme songs for anime and games, perform live in Japan again and all over Earth, and even do a virtual concert on the Moon! I’m aiming to accomplish a lot of things, so I hope you’ll support me! STAYYY SPACEY!!!!!


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Images courtesy of PAiDA.

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