Hi, my name is…

aka Decora Demon.

What does the Japanese street fashion community mean to you?

Throughout my life I was always searching for family. The community that Japanese fashion has opened to me has become my family. Those that I met online or at meet-ups have become best friends that I speak to everyday, spend holidays with, and create with to spread this fashion and the joy it brings to more people in and around our community. When we attend community events in the fashion that we love, I feel like we’re wearing our hearts on our sleeves by expressing our true selves and showing we want to make connections with those who have the same passions.


Image courtesy of Marc Amba.

Tell us about the event you run.

I help to run an all-styles-inclusive Japanese fashion group in Los Angeles called Harajuku Day. We are a public meet up group that usually meets every month, with new members coming almost every month! We have a lot of fun meeting up either. We catch up and enjoy the day, craft cute items, sell or exchange clothing and accessories, and hold giveaways to those that participate.

We have been holding meet-ups since November 2015 when photographer John Woo created the event to meet other fashion-oriented people in the city. I’ve had the privilege to not only work with fellow coordinators Laarnie Barcelon and Jasmine Rose, but amazing photographers from all over California who offer their time and talent to us every month. We’ve been featured on Kawaii International, Hooked on the Look, Refinery29, and other great YouTube videos made by local creators.

Any last words?

I love this fashion and this community so much! I love to make content centered around my love of decora fashion and I’m currently having fun making clothing and writing an online comic called ETC comic with my best friend Kamilah Jones of Hard Decora! Reach out if ever in need!


Image courtesy of Marc Amba.


Harajuku Day
Featured image courtesy of Decora Demon.

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