Hi, my name is…

Megan Gazzo and
I am the founder of Gazzy By Gazzo.

What does the community mean to you?

Community to me is when people work in collaboration rather than in competition. It means that we consciously choose to support other artists as artists ourselves and create a bridge between each other. When we share, and support each other, we all have enough. When we falsely believe that we have limited resources, we dismantle the very idea of community.

Community to me is showing up for each other, cheering for each other’s wins, and being accepting. Creating an energy of acceptance and non-judgement allows people to feel free to tap into their best selves and access their creativity. I think the more we can support each other to be ourselves and to express ourselves, the closer our community will become.

Tell us about Gazzy By Gazzo!

My brand Gazzy By Gazzo, started with the idea of creating something that joined people together with nostalgia. A lot of my prints are nostalgic (80’s and 90’s prints from when a lot of us were kids), and bring a sense of playfulness and joy when you wear them. It does the same when people see you wearing them. It makes people feel free, joyful, and brings that sense of childhood wonder back into their souls.

I was inspired to create something cozy, fun, easy to wear. Something that you could wear for any activity from swimming, to yoga, to the club. I chose a fabric that feels soft on your skin, and simultaneously makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

Any last words?

I just want to say it is time to join together and bring our power back as a community and a people and realize that if we have each other, we have everything we need to thrive and get through anything. Power in numbers!




Images courtesy of Qu.

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