Hi, my name is…


What does activism mean to you?

It is a means of expression that makes me happy. I’ll be so happy when people who don’t have equal rights socially and legally can coexist with [other] people and nature without denying their identity. To do that, we must vote and demonstrate. Alongside that, I have to carry on creating works that question society. I want to continue rebuilding society now and in the future.



Tell us about being a photographer.

I don’t really think of myself as a photographer. Don’t get me wrong, I like taking pictures but I think I’d be open to anything if I could do it to the same level that I do photography. I just use photography as a tool to archive the information and ideas we really need for a modern society.

Any last words?

It’s hard to make a living in Japan as an artist or freelancer, so everyday is a struggle for me. However, I’m going to continue to be vocal, I’m going to continue to put out work so that our creative and art industries can evolve. So that you and I can laugh together in a better society.




Translated by Anna.
Images courtesy of Kotetsu Nakazato.

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