Hi, my name is…

Kamilah, designer of

illustration and apparel brand Hard Decora.

Please introduce yourself!

I grew up in Jersey City but now reside just outside of Chicago. My Jfashion style goes all over the place from decora to gyaru but I’d say I’m more known for my decora looks. Outside of my brand, Hard Decora, I co-host a Jfashion podcast called O-Kei Podcast with my friend Hayden. I also co-write and illustrate for Emptying The Clips comic, a decora-themed comic strip on Instagram with my friend Monique.



What does the Japanese street fashion community mean to you?

It means finding myself and living the dream. Wearing Jfashion has made life worth living whether it’s through the friends I’ve made, the fantastical events, or figuring out my seasonal style goals. Even when I’m not fully dressed up I take pride in my colorful hair, thankful that I’m able to be who I am now confidently. When I’m able to do that I feel like I’m creating my own world. It’s not just a fashion it’s a lifestyle inside and out.

Tell us about your brand!

Hard Decora creates comics, apparel, and accessories all in the name of being aggressively cute. Visual themes include kawaii weaponry, curse words, and pastel color schemes. The comic follows a social justice girl gang trying to better their normie city and other fashion gangs with different agendas. My brand has been sold at Galaxxxy in Japan, Fickle Wish in LA, and KuroShiro in Texas.

Any last words?

Master whatever style you’re admiring then break the rules!



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Images courtesy of Kamilah.

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