Hi, my name is…

Kalin Law and I run Tokyo LoveHotels.

What does street fashion mean to you?

Street fashion is fashion that derives from youth culture. It can be rebellious, free, and a form of expression.



Tell us about the events that you run!

I run Tokyo LoveHotels, which is an art event, with my partner Robin. We gather local and international talents to share in a night of art, music, experiences, and love. Both me and Robin are artists ourselves, and for years we experienced the same struggles other artists do. That is why we created Tokyo LoveHotels. We support and give artists a platform to exhibit their works, encourage them to keep going, and encourage others to start doing art. The pure passion for art amongst the artists and customers creates such a beautiful and honest vibe throughout the night. Tokyo LoveHotels has been such a meaningful event to us and hopefully the culture.

Any last words?

We would love to see you at Tokyo LoveHotels! ♡




Images courtesy of Kalin Law.

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