Hi, my name is…

Julieta Ruezga and I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico.
I’m the creative director and designer of Titina Accessories!

What does the community mean to you?

I have been in love with Japanese culture since I was little. I was obsessed with Sailor Moon and I started to attend anime events in my adolescence. I love how Japanese alternative fashion is very creative and I never imagined that my designs would be part of it! I jump with happiness when they tag me in their photos. It makes me feel part of that creative and talented process.

One of my biggest dreams is to visit Japan, and I believe that thanks to my brand I am getting closer to that. When someone from Japan buys something from my store, I feel like a part of me is traveling to stay and live there. Also I love that a Japanese alternative fashion community is being created in my city and they have become my customers too.



Tell us about your brand!

I started Titina accessories when I was in university. My accessories are based on and inspired by my childhood. Things like cute things that made me happy, kitsch things, people who inspired me, and my Mexican culture. I always make accessories that I would like to use.

Any last words?

It’s always an honor to me that international indie magazines look at my brand. I love alternative fashion and being part of it is even better. Thank you so much!




Images courtesy of Julieta Ruezga.

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