Hi, my name is…

Jadedisland. I’m a Maryland-based writer

dreaming about being a magical girl.

What does the Japanese street fashion community mean to you?

Initially, the Japanese street fashion community was like a beacon helping me find my way in recovery, rebellion, and just being the version of myself that I wanted to be. The community has beautiful people, however the community is not without problems and I hope that we can reconnect with rebellion fashion soon. Our community is at a crossroad between past, present, and future ideals as more people are taking a liking to the various styles. There are growing pains, but I love the community even with its flaws and I still believe it’s a story worth understanding and experiencing.



Tell us about your blog!

Can you picture an island, with lots of pink but gritty surreal voices walking around? Well, that’s the digital experience of my world. Jadedisland is a multimedia and cross-platform experience of my life, stories, creativity, and style. I have been writing for two years now, but I invest my time in sharing the stories of artists, Japanese street fashion, and what life is like as a Black Femme. It is my kawaii memoir, without holding back on what life is like behind a pink filter.

Any last words?

No matter where you are in life, you can still make your dreams a reality. Jadedisland is the accumulation of everything I have and my passion. Please don’t let doubt cloud your heart, your story is remarkable and your creative voice matters.



Images courtesy of Jadedisland.

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