Hi, my name is…

Imani K. Brown,
a multi-hyphenate kawaii creative
best known for her tattoo work.

What does the Japanese street fashion community mean to you?

For me Japanese street fashion means many things, but most of all it’s moody fashion (thanks Fruits! and Zipper, LOL) that allows me to embrace and present all of my personality dualities. It allows me to wrap them in colorful fabric as a way to communicate without speaking, and engaging or disengaging at my own introverted will and pace. It’s been a form of healing, self-love, acceptance and expression, as well as a way to break the fourth wall and get to know some AMAZING people I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with in my normal life.



Tell us about your kawaii tattoo shop!

Little INKPLAY Shop® is my baby! Inspired by sensational kawaii, this touch and feel boutique-style atelier is a slice of Harajuku in the DC area. Here, we practice a nice bit of “ink therapy” while helping others tell their unique stories on their skin. Most new people ask if it’s my room… Not quite. BUT it is inspired by the photo sets and installations of Sebastian Masuda and Fairy Kei shops SPANK and Nile Perch. It’s really pink, and empowerment and creativity is big in this space, offering space for kawaii artists to showcase their work. It’s also the clubhouse for our local comm, DC Kawaii Style. Little INKPLAY Shop® is a small space with a HUGE heart!

Any last words?

Lead with your heart and let logic follow.



Images courtesy of Blu Visions Productions.

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