Hi, my name is…

Joëlle! I own the brand Fluffy Tori
and have a YouTube channel called Fluffy Kawaii Jo!

What does the Japanese street fashion community mean to you?

When I discovered Japanese street fashion in Fruits as a teenager I was shocked to see that we could wear such amazingly cool clothes. Now that I am wearing lolita fashion regularly, I really consider this to be the best version of myself. When I’m wearing normal clothes, I feel this is more like a costume to fit in within the society. I really love sharing my passion for this style with other people around the world and hearing their stories. All of them have different views on fashion and it’s so interesting to learn about them.



Tell us about your YouTube channel!

I started about 3 years ago. I did a bit of everything at first but quickly focused on lolita fashion. So many people genuinely want to dress this way but they think that they are not allowed because they’re too fat or too old or their skin is not light enough. I now focus on videos that show that everybody can be kawaii. I try to interview as many diverse people as I can of all ages, gender, skin colors, weight, sexuality, abilities to prove wrong anyone that would think that this fashion is not for them.

I also have a series called Action Lolita in which we try extreme sports wearing lolita dresses. It’s very fun to watch but it’s also important for me to show that there are just clothes and that you can do anything in them.

Any last words?

I also think that brands have a responsibility to have a variety of models when they advertise their clothes. I realized that most of our customers are requesting custom sizes for clothes and shoes and I’m glad we can accommodate that. I would love to see the big brands show more diversity of weight, skin color and gender in their models.


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Images courtesy of Joëlle Krummenacher.

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