Hi, my name is…

Emiry, the pale blue warrior. I work as shop staff at 6%DOKIDOKI and I have a brand called Glem.

What does Harajuku fashion mean to you?

Harajuku fashion can be everyday clothing and combat clothing. Either way, it’s a unique style that makes me feel good. I don’t want to wear anything that is not 100% kawaii. I love fancy and girly things like pale blue and sparkles (my signature style), so I normally end up choosing them—even when I’m trying to be more mature.

I don’t talk about it publicly, but I’ve had dark, painful times in my private life and the closer people get to me, the more harm they can do to my mental health. I have been wearing Harajuku fashion as a way to get through those dark times. There have been a lot of times when I just wanted to give up on life. But I’ve been able to stay strong by wearing pale blue clothes—the Harajuku style that lives within me. That’s why my version of Harajuku fashion is realised as the pale blue warrior.

Harajuku fashion, for me, can be everyday clothes that express my preferences, but they can also be combat clothing that makes me look stronger by adding colour to a dark world.



Please tell us about your brand, Glem.

Glem is a handmade brand created by me. I spent my childhood wanting to become a fairytale princess or fairy. I still feel that way today. There are probably a lot of children who, just like me, want to be like that. So, I started my brand with the hope that wearing Glem accessories will make them feel like a fairytale character!

Glem is a sparkly accessory shop like the ones that appear in fairytales. The brand concept is that everyone can be the lead in their story. It is not a full-time business so we release new pieces irregularly, but I do pop-ups every six months or so.



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Translated by Anna.
Images courtesy of Emiry.

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